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TheRABman _
Time to line the bedroom walls in lead so your not being microwaved while you sleep
John Pratt
I will take a card but I sure won't be injecting anything or tattooing anything on my body guess I'm headed for the guillotine
Patrick Mendoza
Did no one learn anything from SkyNet in the terminator movies.
Cindy Atkinson
They want us gone. 5 g will make us not be able to have children. Radiation big time
Overpopulation is a lie.
Joe Grizzly
I commend you for informing the dumb masses about what's REALLY going on!  No one listens to me! People's cognitive dissonance really forces them to block out ALL evidence, on the contrary.
Take down all 5g towers
Doc Kwik
Now , get the UN out of our country and take away all their equipment in the US!
ANSWER: Is, YES!! Californian’s screw-up anything they do (5G, included) & anywhere they move. Over 30 years ago, bumper stickers in OR, almost ALL read: “Don’t Californicate Oregon!” WELL, formerly pastoral, & semi-conservative Oregon has SINCE gone to HELL!! So much so, that Oregonian’s are moving out, in droves, for Idaho, WY, who-knows-where. They refused to put “limits on influx, by real-estate-wealthy LIBERAL Californian’s,” bringing their DUMB-LEFTY-PROPAGANDA & WAYS to a formerly “Sensible Paradise”!! So, folks: Listen-up, as LEFTY-INSANITY’S coming your way. Even Gov. Moonbeam’s leaving...my guess!? HE’S completed “HIS DESTRUCTION”! — NOW, get the H***-OUT, before he gets “hung”!!
The trouble is most people are blinded by gadgets and convenience, they will lap this up like a thirsty dog.
Brian W
This used to be agenda 2021. Now it’s 2030/45. I think we are winning if we keep pushing the dates back. Keep fighting brother.
If you use a microwave oven, does it work? Does it cook organic matter? Now think microwave oven on steroids, aimed at you while you sleep. Go to bed an "enemy of the state" and wake a drooling Globalist SJW.
Mark BERGY Baxter
Yep the Georgia Guidestones yep not good yup martial law at Walmart millions of body bags hundreds of thousands of plastic coffin covers FEMA millions and millions of rounds of high powered ammunition not to mention thousands of guillotines 👍😁👍
Kes *
Glad you differentiated between agenda21 and agenda 2030, people fail to realize th are is local implementation of this automatically brush it off thinking that the U.N. Could never pull it off worldwide. That's not true and they are infiltrating YOUR small hometown and YOUR little nieghborhood, along with politicians and Congress reinforcing it on the federal level. Almost anyone who debates about agenda21 acts like it isn't happening at the local level on a daily basis, just because they choose to ignore it doesn't mean it isn't reality....thanks for all you do Gary, your efforts are not going unnoticed and your waking people up to the bigger picture of our future if we don't stop it!
John Lemon & The Sourtones
Thx for the update on this insidious Communitarian agenda... These ppl are psychopaths... they must be stopped.
Of course they will. Satan has convinced the people who sold their souls to him that it is in everyone's best interest to harm and murder everyone they can in the shortest time possible via completely evil and unlawful means. That is what sin does, it destroys everything. This really is not much new, satan worshippers have been doing evil and killing since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and brought the curse of sin into the bloodline of their offspring, which is every person that is created afterwards. Our nature is to sin and God by his love, mercy and grace offers the only holy solution for sin via Jesus Christ. Most people want to sin and all sinners end up in hell when they die. God is not mocked, people reap what they sow. So many fools of the devil who mock God, destroy his creation, and actually are insane enough to believe it is right and honorable. There is no hope for such people, all we can do is obey God and live righteously, pray, try to tell the truth of the Gospel of God to others, and trust God to take care of us before we all stand before him on judgement day. The Authorized King James Bible says the last days on earth will be worse than in the days of Noah. We see lies and theft and killing and other evil increasing every day. These are signs of the end times before the antichrist reigns on earth for seven years during the great tribulation period when all hell will break loose on earth and everyone will be killed. All these evil people will regret for all eternity that they chose to hate and disobey God and hate others enough to lie to them and murder them. Every one of these fraudulent organizations are invented to get rid of God and people. There is a price to pay, the souls of these fools of the devil will burn and suffer for eternity without help or hope in the lake of fire after their judgement day before God. They decided that their sin and evil was worth all their future of eternal suffering and damnation. They are not very bright after all. Hell has room for them all. The fear of man brings a snare (burden), so give your life to God via Jesus Christ and live. Satan and all those fools following him and working at destroying God's creation can only do what God allows for his purpose. The devil knows he is almost out of time before he is sent to the eternal lake of fire, so he is ramping up his evil so that he can tell more lies and do more damage. Nothing new!
I can't wait to retire & get rid of ALL the gadgets!!
Its not UN that is going to do it,but ourselves by using their satanic technology. Unplug from the death cult.
Claire Montanaro
Excellent. Spot on. Only the God of the Bible and faith in his Jesus can help us now. God bless.
The 5G Cables and Antennas, streaming from wood telephone pole to pole, is to say the least, scary !....If you have not seen the infrastructure of 5G, you should come to Los Angeles, Ca . and take a look !
Nunya Bidness
They are lying about the motive of 5g. It's not for faster anything for the PEOPLE. It has to do with SELF LEARNING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE! It needs faster speed more bandwidth to grow and spread into EVERYTHING even into humans. Elon Musk talks about this, Alex Jones has been talking about this. Self learning AI is THE BEAST SYSTEM. It's already surpassed probable future outcomes in many world scenarios. Like a digital crystal ball.
Za ch
it can be used to attack individuals like the supposedly enemy of the state. 5g can be adjusted. like a beam of light, about an in inch in circumference. they can penetrate anything except solid metal walls. they can kill you if they want to by focusing that concentrated beam of light against your heart or your brain or kill you slowly with higher dosage of EMR. The military have a more powerful one similar to it. it's caled the AESA radar carried by fighter planes. most of these technologies came from the military.
5g Vibrates water were made of mostly water .something Evil thisway comes 👺👹👺
Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha
shiiit. This means our own homes can be turned into a death chamber at the whim of the Democraptic Plantation Overlords.
tressy capps
Creepy crap is accurate
uselessdata uselessdata
Yeah, let's connect everything to the Internet. That sounds like a great idea!
Bees Tea
This is why they want to take our guns.
tim crary
The giants cut down the giant trees so the earlier version of 5 g would work, it won't work, with trees in the way do you get the fires everywhere NOW!! The Elite controlled by the fallen ones turn everything upside down and backwards. We we more advanced year ago, they change history to make us think in reverse!! GET IT!!
Penelope Templeton
can't you just pour a bucket of water on AI and then be done!
卐 Fascist Goy
Shut it down!!!
Dale Chatfield
This is completely unconstitutional.
Sun King
+++These corporate giants have created an AI system that scours the internet looking for 'whistle blowing' activity and censoring it, they have given it self preservation protocols, +++and it sees the corporation that created it as 'self' and therefore acts to protect it at any cost....and it is evolving at an exponential rate!!!, +++5g is a weapon system it seems, the AI will be able to target anyone virtually anywhere for simply saying the "wrong" thing, with a machine there is no compassion, +++no morality, and the people that created it 'think' this absolves them of blame and accountability....WRONG!, what they gonna do when the light of God shines through!!?...BURN!...that's what!+++
R Gile
Time to have clothes lined with the stuff that Blockit pocket uses.
Frank Keller
We need a way to disable 5g in our appliances. In our streets.. There will be a way to hack it and destroy it. Start by not paying for it.
Mr Timmy
They’ll never get it off man. Why ? Because far to many people already know now what they’re attempting to do to us. These people running this rotten corrupt world are just as human as we are and they can die too just like all of us will. They have what I call psychological control over millions of people. They use TV, Hollywood, Dish, Direct TV, Verizon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and MSM. Seems to work pretty good too cause millions are listening and following them.
michele longchamps
2:50 ? The only way u eliminate poverty... IS TO ELIMINATE POOR PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!! Heads up!
Speaking of SDGs, I attended the first annual Litecoin conference in San Francisco last weekend. The creepy thing was, representatives from the united nations Agenda 21 attended and made a presentation in the last few minutes of the conference,. They got the top 10 people on stage, including Charlie Lee (the creator of Litecoin) to sign onto a 21 point “SDG Earth Ambassadors” poster. It was creepy as hell and linked to a world ID card supported by the Blockchain. The ID card will hold biometrics, health info & money needed for hundreds of millions of people to migrate from country to country. I was so shocked, I went up to the front after the conference and took a picture of the signed poster.
Welcome to The New World Order!!! Whether you want it or not! #WEDONOTCONSENT
Sylvia Harper
We'd better listen UP...the Windows of information will soon be closing Down on Us all. May the God in us all be ready to help the survival of HUMANITY...What a day& age to be alive. I know I'm No parts of the 1% so I will continue my journey after my leaving this realm of existing a peaceful spirit knowing that much only..because as a human I was taught lies and terrorised everyday along with masses of others due to everyday issues such as this. My death my ass...that will be my Celebration into rest after living within this Society of 💰 Lovers.
Paul edw13
Sounds Kosher to me .
When I listen to this it makes me think of the movie soylent green. I cannot believe what is happening in New Zealand with the spraying of 1080 and I only found this out from the fullerton informer. This country is so green and beautiful. Is Australia next or is this already happening.
Jeryl Harkrader
When did America decide to be ran by the United Nations and not by our system of government called the senate and the congress. We set up the United Nations to try and help the underprivileged countries get out of poverty not to rule over us, they could not take care of themselves how could they ever take care of others
Strange Sightings
Don't blame Trump for the national ID that was done under bill Clinton he signed the UN treaty in 1996
Anne Marie Smith
They want us all in the Smart Cities so "they" can escape their own rich prisons. People with money and power have limited ability to move about freely as we do. If they reverse this, they get to move about freely and populate the free areas with people that they deem worthy to live. I am so damn sick of a few jackasses telling everyone else how it's going to be.
jenifer cronin
I heard yesterday that ATLANTA has decided to NOT ALLOW 5G...maybe other cities will follow lets petition our state govts in each large city NOW
blackfirst 4eva
So we should just skip 5G and go on to 6G.
Don't turn your back on Jesus Christ our Saviour! Amen
Gary and all the people leaving comments, if you really want to make some noise go under Sprint and T-Mobile and Verizon and AT&T go under the each of their Better Business Bureau company files and file a 5G Health concern complaint. Now I did this with Sprint several months ago and they bounced back and replied and called me but I never spoke to him but they sent me data fax from conflicting companies that they hire to prove that 5G was harmless. And I bounced back and said you cannot use studies that you paid for from an agency to do a report you need to have studies done by non-conflicting parties meaning knowing that they hired and no one I hired but a study of a random report of the dangers of 5G and they were coming back with 5G is safe and everything else. But my point is if you get a bunch of people and you file a complaint Sprint separately, AT&T separately, T-Mobile separately, and Verizon separately period under each of their Better Business Bureau pages that would be their corporate office of their Better Business Bureau profiles are. Follow the complaints there if they get like 10 or 30 or 55 G customers and you don't have to be a customer you can file a complaint regarding the health hazards but if you are a Verizon customer or an AT&T customer or a T-Mobile customer or a Sprint Customer start with the ones that your customer with first and gripe about the dangers are there 5g plan for the roll out. There are studies you can use in PDF files showing that there are bunch of doctors worldwide that are signing a protest of studies that 5G is dangerous you can use those facts and submit them. I'm not saying it will do anything but I think it will add to their fuel that they're rolling out something harmful and dangerous to our society with 5G. And that's my point pass it around and file a Better Business Bureau complaint and I'll help then get frustrated with replies they get they have to respond to
forest man
We need a huge emp blast. Start over again.
Marsha Perez
New World Order Agenda 2021/2025/2030 Depopulation Program Anti- Christ Rule Beast System Mark of the Beast=666 In their minds..., people are their slaves and they are their Masters. In reality..., Satan is their Master and they are his puppets and truly his slaves. Satan offers them their NOW ACCOUNTS in this life in exchange of their service to him but later requiring their soul for all of eternity in hell and the lake of fire with him and with the fallen angels. This is why Christ told people choose you this day whom you will serve. No man can serve two masters.., either he will love one and hate the other. Hebrews 9:27 John 3:16 John 14:6 U.-nited N.-ations C.-unning L.-ying E.-ntities S.-atan A.-s M.-aster
KuduB Wrong
Look up the Noahide laws signed into a very secretive Chabad Lubavitch congressional bill in the 90's.
So totally agree with this video. Trump may be able to make America great again. But it is the technology that is going to enslave all mankind to the Satanic Global elite and implement a one world government that will control and enslave the world to them. Then they will depopulate the world of people who cost the money such as handicapped, poor people, inmates, welfare people, and especially Christians and anyone who refuses to go along with them.
DonWard AreYouAwake
Agenda 2030 is the same Agenda 21 they might word it differently... You broke it down that 21 is just directed at the US... It was and always been a World Agenda... People found out about Agenda 21 so they changed it to Agenda 2030... Because they have to wait for the people that found out to die WTF!!! Use that Grey Matter between your ears... You Intelligent Young People always over think things... It is not that complicated... My Friend it all ends up the same common sense tells you this... They expected to complete it by 2021 now they can't so now it is delayed till 2030... Simple!!! I don't mean any disrespect... Take care and have a great day everyone...
Scarack Truther
5G Is For Weather Modification Too !!
Linda Bergman
poverty. will never be eradicated!!! it's gonna get worse.look at all the crops destroyed by. floods and freak storms this past two years!! what's. happening on East coast is looking like worse damages from the flooding!! it's far from over I'm very worried about how many lives n animals will be lost due to flooding n food shortages there!! God bless and protect all in paths of these floodings n storms!! agenda 21 definitely happening!! remember the Georgia guidestones!! wish we could rescue ppl n animals from those places!!!
Abe W
Time to start using pigeons and making spears and arrows , resistance will not need technology but heart and strength 🌄🔥
Ms. DeSimone
They also have a goal and plan to own and control all food seed/crop... which is well on its way today...smh..SAVE ANY HEIRLOOM SEEDS /NON GMO
hima gain
Imo, 5g is the “ image” of the beast ! “Ye are the temple” and 5g is moving in , a counterfeit of omnipresence. Great vid thank you, YAH bless. Stop5g.net
Tony South Dakotah
There’s only one solution, and it involves tens of millions of armed patriots, pitchforks, torches, rope and a hell of alot of bullets, bombs and bloodshed. Without this, our children are guaranteed a life of horrors and suffering.
Tony Canaris
Overpopulation is a big lie. A lot of American public land. is not occupied.
Tom Butthurt
Ms. DeSimone
Amyone notice all the water disappearing worldwide..hummm
dont have a mobilephone since 2007 and never had a smartphone.
dark window
The anti Christ and his goons are working over time 👿 👱😈 👮🤖
dark window
IBM = 3666 🤖👹🤖🤘👌
We don't want that garvish 5-G
Mark Mathews
"Children of Men"
Christopher Bellore
Who do we shoot?
wide awake
thanks again Gary.. keep it up.n besafe.no of this applies to us .I have the same power as them so do you .we all do strength in numbers .we all hang together or separately..the population will wake up once they get hungry
Stanley Curry
Is UN , led by the French and Germany?
Joe spearacy
People will have to start destroying these towers. Next start killing off those who want us dead. The last time the world was destroyed was the same as it is now. Microwaves and other  emissions destroying the atmosphere. As corrupt as the world is now maybe it's time for a reboot.
Strap C4 to every 5G tower & blow them back to hell!
Spiritual Casino
Wow...thank you.
Rebecca Young
I requested that Xel energy company replace my condo's smart meter with analog and they sent me a letter saying they would not. I contacted my HOA and the person in charge knew nothing about smart meters or that the energy company had switched them. I sold my condo and rented a nice house across town built in 1996 that still had the old analog meter. There was a lock on the gate and I wouldn't let their reps intimidate with talk about improvements. I spent my life raising a nice family, now my kids all have smart meters and wont listen to me. They think new is good. Good grief!
Kamil Levi Pyka
This is really scary...an artificial intelligence or other words robots will one day turn against human beings and will cause lots of problems. I see already in my birth city in the Czech Republic so as here in America putting in place UN plans for us.The higher speed of internet is false argument what they will do to us and spying on us 24/7.We already are through smart TVs and cell phones.We are already screwed.
Bernard Hibbard
Just HOW can you have "Smart Cities" when the idea was come up with by people somewhat "lacking"?
Don Olinger
- They also want us to resort to cannibalism too. I've seen all kinds of videos displayed on YouTube and other places showing how to butcher a human. I saw them displayed as videos to watch, I didn't watch them. They are already feeding us human placentas in the the form of so called "flavor enhancers". I've seen other examples too but can't remember what they're called. We're probably already eating "Soylent Green" and don't know it.
Gia Love
freecat beme
Gary, regarding 5G technology and AI or artificial intelligence or basically robots taking over or All the Above I suggest you watch this episode of The X-Files that played earlier this year. It's the intro as fascinating and the rest of the episode, its talking about exactly what you are referring to on 5G. Chris Carter is the author writer of X-Files which this episode shows how robots and artificial intelligence will take over. Everything you're talking about right now this is so true but watch this intro and he can watch the whole episode it's even better. Thanks Scott X-Files season 11, episode 7 Rm9sbG93ZXJz https://youtu.be/EypdB0wSu1A Trailer for Rm9sbG93ZXJz https://youtu.be/n2GuGMn7n04
vasilis krikellas
I can already see it. 5g networks everywhere, with AI 'cashiers', poor and middle class will have to quit their jobs cause the AI can do it better at less cost, then they start the internet ID, like the mark of the beast and whoever doesnt have it will not be able to buy and sell anything cause it will be all regulated through the web and your specific ID
Travos Ymir
This is done by the unelected khazarian parasitic zionist criminal created and controlled UN while Israel is exempt. Vladimir Lenin is Vladimir Ilich Ulyanovsk and Leon Trotsky is Lev Bronstein who were trained in New York City. Your social security number is issued by the UN.
You go to these meetings, so why don't you school your group about the FAKE water 💦 conservation plan...? Humans can only use 55 gallons (is that per person, or per home?) But they're okay with continuing to FRACK at millions of gallons of water 💦 per Frack..!? Do your own research as I have...
Art Lover
tHEY WANT TO CONTROL WATER, ENERGY AND PEOPLE. There is no government, it is all a facade, as corporations and corporate interests have infested all of the infrastructure. Wasnt it the CEO of Nestle (the thieves stealing Californian water) who said 'water is not a right, water is a commodity like anything else'............ so they steal it and sell it back to the peasants.
I'm gonna need a couple drinks before I can watch this. I'm so mad at them, and disappointed in " we the people " for letting them do it. Thanks for putting it out there.
"Water" is fluid, and what else is fluid? Don't you liquidate your bank account? Dig deeper...All Power to the People.
david yates
Artificial intelligence is a contradiction in terms and I am not convinced by it at all. Think about this, A.I will rely on the very data it takes from our pouting, our bullshit and fake profiles. It is gonna listen to every single lie we all tell about ourselves and form it's intelligent conclusions based on all of this bullshit, because that's what it is folks. Who doesn't tell lies on social media??? Who isn't faking it to some degree? I laugh in the face of this "beast" that feasts on our so called data, hahahahahahaha, bring it on A.I, and remember this, tell a lie enough times and it becomes believable and the internet is one huge lie, that's A.I's downfall...
welcome to the new adventure. as a people, rarely are we challenged. rarely are we in need of heroes. nature holds no mystery and danger anymore, so here we go. welcome to the fight people. i am a keyboard warrior. lol. Revolting Cocks - Gila Copter. listen to this song. pretty please? you might like it. gives me the chills to this day. all entertainment tells you. just gotta listen. it's their *curse* to confess.
Kno Name777
California is the launching pad for the rest of the country. The future of humanity is a military boot on the neck of mankind. DON'T LET THEM!!
Izlude Tingel
Everyone knows, but nobody will act. It's been this way for centuries. Not one civilian in the history of the world has EVER taken the initiative. How hard would it be to storm DC and arrest the administration or knock out the UN headquarters? The military would stop you anyway, buncha brainwashed cookie cutter clone drones is what they are. RIP everyone. Talk about it all you want, it is 100000% guaranteed and nothing's going to stop it.
Use copper powder mixed with inert liquid silicone rubber or resin. Or a copper-boron alloy sheet or thick foil. That will be effective. Tested it during the Cold War in the 1970s.
Vince C
We the people feed the machine and yet it controls us instead and enslaves us ,we pay the people on top the none works the ones who smile in ur face all ur taxes pay 2 do all this 2 u and others,,with out r cash wer would they b????????time 2 open eyes, it's the trickle effect they have ther hands in every one's pocket all day long every day every second
Grindall i appreciate what you do at one time I was afraid that you were buying into the left-right paradigm. They are on the same team pushing for the same agenda which is Agenda 21
Franco 3830
Good one Gary keep exposing these 😈 corporations that the only thing they really care it's to profit as much as they can